UNCOMMON home objects is Object D’epoch.


Love this pair of 1920’s carved pineapple occasional side tables by Anouska Hunter Antiques at Object D’epoch – totally fabulous when laden with food or overflowing with flowers and fit for a celebratory feast. There is a tres pool party vibe to them too, don’t you think?


Is it art? Is it a chair? It’s both, this amazing Kwok Hoi Chan chair from the seventies gives great form. I love its sculptural ways and can imagine it as the most romantic seat in the house – just sit and kiss. 


This Mid century, Modern Brutalist bench would sit perfectly in your garden or upon your rooftop. Designed and carved by Witco in the 1960’s, when Elvis Presley was a huge fan of the man.   

 So you need a few great furniture pieces for your home, some strong lighting perhaps, an interesting rug from some faraway place and some cool cushions to stack upon your sofa? “Uncommon home and personal vintage accessories” in other  words.  Not all at once mind you, but you have the plan in your head and nowhere to buy it, or you have looked around but are not sure who to trust or what to pay. Look no further my antique lusting loved ones, as friend and fellow trader Beatrice Ancillon has gone and set up Object D’epoch – an online platform for unique objects that will have your mid-century heart skipping a beat and more. Fate landed Object D’epoch’s owner/curator Beatrice Ancillon and I trading side by side at Spitalfields market one early Thursday morning many moons ago and enamoured by each other’s eye for the chic and unusual we soon got to talking.  Fast forward a couple of years and I was over the moon when Bea asked me to be a part of Object D’epoch, so yes you will find some of my wonder world textiles and fabulous feather hats amongst her handpicked mix. I spoke with Bea one sunny Spitalfields just recently to get the lowdown on her life and her brand new business…

Tell us a little ABOUT your background. Have you always worked within the antiques trade? 

I’m French and I grew up in Paris amongst a highly creative community including people working in fashion, photography, advertising, antiques…you name it. My mother was an artist, so I was introduced to this life from an early age through her life and style. I worked in galleries in Paris in my late teens and then when I came to England 20 odd years ago I started working in Auction Houses which helped to further develop my love for antiques and so here I am today.

How did you come to DISCOVER the traders you are representing through Object D’epoch? What led you to start Object D’epoch?

The antiques traders I have chosen to sit under the Object D’epoch umbrella are people and dealers I have met and admired along the way, either through my work at Auction Houses, through the antiques trade in general and via my regular trading at Spitalfields and Kempton. I was in tune with the technology to set up an online platform and figured this was the only way to truly tap into an international audience. I wanted to curate/ create an online marketplace of respected dealers where you could browse and buy affordable, beautiful and unique objects from any era. The dream has begun. Live the dream.

You have an hour to spare on the internet, what sites and blogs will you be SURFING and why? 

1st dibs is a great reference tool and as a business is the inspiration behind Object D’epoch’s power to the people platform. It was started in 2001 by luxury real estate dealer Michael Bruno, who initially started the business to share his great finds with the world. I could spend all day here… Me too, I can’t stop browsing their fabulous Folk art including incredible tribal, outsider and carnival categories as mentioned previously on this blog. Check it out.

My favourite ITEM from your current collection is the Wicker Fish Shaped Chaise Lounge, as seen below. It’s sculptural form, colourings and sense of humour will surely bring happiness and handmade into the home. Tell us a little more about this extraordinary and animal-inspired piece.  

This is one of my favourites as well, it’s difficult not to like this wickedly unusual piece from the l950’s. Hailing from the United States and in great condition, the Wicker Fish Chaise is a wonderful talking point and a collector’s item for sure.


Such a beauty this wicker fish. I’m imagining it by the pool and it’s bloody marvellous. 


Signed and dated by the artist Dana Stormova, this wonderful Czech colour etching as above will bring colour and creativity  into your interiors. If you are looking to start an interesting and graphic collection of poster and print art then Nick Reed’s sensational selection at Object D’epoch could be the right move for you and your walls. Great man gifts too.   

   Gilioli_2czechposter_big_large PaulJenkins_big_large

Poster art is a great way to bring colour into your home and can act as a starting point for your colour scheme. I especially love this Paul Newman movie poster  – the Czech text makes it that much more appealing, bringing  great graphic stimulation and an individual edge. 

You are French, do you find that you SEEK OUT French design especially in your antiques diggings or is it a worldly mix?

I grew up amongst an eclectic aesthetic which is a typical of Parisian interiors, a mix of mid-century and African art especially   is how people I knew lived and how I grew up, so yes this mix is important to Object D’epoch.

Sunday morning RITUAL?

Sunday morning starts with a big bowl of coffee, still after twenty years in the UK my day starts in a very Parisian way.  I live in the country now so a long walk with my dog and perhaps a dig at a local carboot. Sundays are generally spent relaxing, eating good food and preparing for the week ahead.

What’s NEXT for Object D’epoch?

To continue to build the brand and build relationships with an ever-growing group of antiques dealers and traders, thus providing an ever-evolving and handpicked offering and one stop shop for savvy customers wherever they are  in the world.

To see more of the fabulous and uncommon objects from Object D’epoch or to keep in touch with what Bea is up to… click the links below. Enjoy and get your antiques on. x 

LIKE Object D’epoch on Facebook Get pinning from their Pinterest or read all about it on Twitter.

gavinaHatStand_big_large Brassflorlamp_big_large

This rare coat stand sculpture designed by Bruce Tippet for Knoll in 1968 is constructed from 15 rotating rings of enamelled wood with curved arms for your coats and is surely one for this year’s Christmas wish list? These fabulous floor lamps in brass and with tentacle arms would look luscious nestled amongst many maidenhair ferns or alongside your collection of brass and metallic objects and offerings. Possibly my favourite ever black and white all over Bamileke feather hat as below. 




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