united nude get me in the mood.

i admit it, i have a shoe fetish. it’s either a learned habit or in the genes as my grandmothers, mothers and sisters wardrobes are full of them. any which way shoes make me feel good. none quite so much as the eamz by united nude, conceptually inspired by a furniture design classic – the charles and ray eames chair. which chair i’m not entirely sure but have included some of my favourites as images for your perusal.

back to the shoes. the eamz shoe for me reeks of sex in a hospital, bondage, s + m kind of way especially in rubber. and a shoe reeking of sex can never be a bad thing right? although best to wear in winter as sweaty feet are never sexy… i think this particular shoe lust has mostly to do with the wonderful  and downright horny heel and  what initially seems to be the miracle of actually being able to walk in them without toppling over.  of my 4 pairs, yes that is being a little greedy, the gold boot and orange + red rubber pump are my favourites and now both have 4 years under their belt and are still in great condition –  photographed here with another favourite + very special object – my handwoven rug from morocco.  oooohhhh orange and red, great colour combo!!

united nude deserve a full posting of their own + will do so in the future. you can buy their full collection online including the wonderful eamz. but the best place to buy is their shop on bermondsey street. while you’re there grab something delicious + seriously cheap at hot new eatery zucca, where my buddy rachy and i enjoyed a ladies lunch recently. also check out the  “very sanderson” exhibition at the fashion and textiles musuem and try to catch a glimpse of the truly inspiring zandra rhodes.

rachy at zucca and images from the very sanderson exhibition below. x

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