for blogHere, Photographer Christopher Phillips and Stylist Bettina McILwraith (that’s me ;)) celebrate the rituals of Flowers, Food & Tea in a colourful tribute to the Japanese aesthetic  of Wabi-sabi. Whereby beauty is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. Claire la Florist brings beauty by way of flowers. This first in an ongoing series showcases a conscious community of Sydney’s artisans, creatives, designers and retailers doing it right. Ritual: This is how we live.


Inspired by an authentic love for one another and in honour of the endlessly inspiring Mother Earth, we seek out abundance in full bloom. This most romantic gesture sees us covering our bodies in flora as if we were fresh from the garden ourselves, a perky and fervent offering. Floral altars and moments spent there, show our alignment to this appreciation society. Our need to realign spirit after hours spent indoors and perhaps in contact a lot with a flat screen, ignites our desire for this voluptuous and vital remedy. Grow where you are planted.


Chels wears Dime top and Swizzle skirt both Easton Pearson, antique Afghani headdress from Kaspia Calypso. Mexican Folk mask from a selection at Dust Darlinghurst.


Hand painted Chinese trunk and cake stand from Orient House, Pottery vase, Silver jug and Mexican Folk mask at Dust Darlinghurst, assorted crystals Third Eye Jewellery.


Australia’s awesome foodie scene from tres gourmet to the raw revolution has our taste buds being tantalized more than ever before. Make the most of this delicious ritual by eating off artisanal, vintage and fairtrade options, that are both feel good and easy on the eye. Eating in season and taking the time to enjoy the experience, whether solo or sharing the love, will help to release positive, mood-influencing endorphins, it’s win-win you see? Experiment with what, how and when you eat to best find that which suits your body and mind. Find the freshest produce, specialist growers and most innovative food ideas at your local markets and independent shops. Yum.


Chels wears stripe bandeau by Easton Pearson, handwoven indigo skirt by Flamingo Merchant and beaded sarong/runner by SUKU home. Low set table at Orient House, Japanese trivet and Ruth Castle woven dish – an assortment at Everyday Needs,  hand blocked napkin by Walter G, agate coaster Third Eye Jewellery. Vintage cup and bowl – stylists own.


Low set table at Orient House, Midnight Painted Bones by Sheba McCaffrey of Beached Treasures. Vintage plant stand at Dust, Polka Indigo cotton by Walter G, hand beaded table runner SUKU home, Marbled Lava bowl by Design Twins.  Assorted baskets at Flamingo Merchant, hand painted terracotta bowls a selection at Orient House, black fossilised bowl at Third Eye Jewellery.


The active properties inherent within your daily pot plus the simple act itself – a fresh brew can help to balance, detox, ease or energise the day or night ahead. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony reflects four significant principles: Harmony, Reverence, Purity, and Calm and can be as easy or elaborate as you wish. Sydney Tea Houses – Ttotalertea  and Zensation create modern and primitive ways to partake in the daily cup with take home options aplenty. Tea provides the perfect way to pay respect to the day with healthy benefits to boot. Drink up.


Chels wears lace dress from a selection by Flamingo Merchant, Speedy Pant by Easton Pearson, Tribal Bone Necklace and assorted shell bracelets by  Beached Treasures. Cushion in Huts indigo by Walter G, tea accoutrement a selection at Zensation Tea House, agate coaster and fossilised bowl Third Eye Jewellery, hand loomed floor rug by Pampa Rugs


Papua New Guinea shield at Dust Darlinghurst, Cowrie shell strings Beached Treasures, black and white basket from a selection at Flamingo Merchant. Tea accoutrement throughout at Zensation Tea House


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