I need to start with the name, Superfertile… the connotations are glorious, bountiful of course, beckoning you to seek the deeper meaning, which is exactly how creative director and artist behind the brand, Kali Arulpragasam wants it. I first came across Kali’s extraordinary work  while I was living in London, invited to the East London opening of her show for the TOURISM collection and immediately bowled over by the beauty and drama of her work. Kali’s extravagant heirlooms are way more than meets the eye though, her wearable art pieces mix both modern and primitive ideas and skills, while billboarding pertinent World issues and global politics, right all up in your face… I told you this was deep. This collaborative and meaningful approach to art and business is leading the way to our most enlightened future.


Over the moon to discover the enlightened Superfertile again via the glory that is Instagram, her latest collection GOLD DIGGERS challenges World governments to rethink their stance about the true wealth of a nation and its people. Teaming up with one of Mexico’s indigenous and minority ethnic groups whose land is under threat from the global gold-diggers, Kali spent nine months working with the Wixarika artisans closely in the Mexican states of Jalisco and Nayarit. Wixarika (pronounced ‘Wiharika’ and more correctly and traditionally known in pre-Hispanic times as the Huichols), are renowned grand masters at the art of glass beading evident in the pictures of the incredible collection…


The collaboration of Superfertile’s revolutionary design philosophy and the awe-inspiring beading craft tradition of the colour- your-world Wixarika, Gold-Diggers brings a beautiful and incredibly detailed collection, all woven by hand and with messages on many levels pertaining to history, heritage, natural beauty and the priceless value of human cultures. Taking one month per piece to create, the collection includes amongst others, ponchos that tell a story, voicing the concerns of WIXARIKA Culture and it’s people’s predicament in modern times. This collection was launched late last year with an exhibition at the most Mexican spirited museum, the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City. Two of the pieces from the Gold Diggers collection were donated by Superfertile’s Kali Arulpragasam to Museo Frida Kahlo for their permanent collection, to live together in love forever – Frida Kahlo + Wixarika + Superfertile Forever! This is Global Village. Welcome. xx



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