High fives all round for Hommage a l’Art.


Vlisco have outdone their super textile selves with their new collection Hommage a l’Art, which throws the spotlight on the most loved and iconic designs in a celebration of their rich design heritage and in line with their focus this year on craftsmanship. For the first time since 1846, some of the drawings have been printed in both Java and Wax-block fabrics. To give these stories a podium, various heritage designs including favourites of mine – the fan, the horse and the hand especially, have been amalgamated and literally placed on a pedestal. This new textile design as seen in the marvellous maxi-skirt below, has become the signature look of the collection and one I am eager to get my hands on…. You like?


Love, love, love the ravishing and regal portraiture in the accompanying ad campaign that further reiterates the essence of the collection by placing the fabric and the models themselves on pedestals and recreating the icons as golden statues as an ode to Vlisco’s art. Renowned stylist Maarten Spruyt (as seen below) collaborated with photographer Koen Hauser on the campaign, which I’m rating as one of their best yet…these are big words considering the delicious and OTT nature of past campaigns that always inspire and manage to capture the true spirit of the women that wear Vlisco so well.


Vlisco have been my go-to for fabric for BlackDot textile products since the brands inception in 2008, always providing the jolt of colour, fabulousness and fun I look for and this collection is no exception. This post is a homage to my major style icons – all the fabulously dressed Africans who knowingly turn London’s streets into an other worldly catwalk, especially on Sunday when everyone dons their finest wax for church and family gatherings. This entrée into African culture and dress is one of the reasons I love my London life so much. Bless. X


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  • WOWSERS! So up your alley! I can see a special event dress or wedding here for you! Love the styling & the photography!

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