Dinosaurs rule OK.

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Colour and its powerful and positive properties as seen here in paintings by Stephen Ormandy, yes he of the famed Dinosaur Designs, have taken the edge off a bleak London winter day for me. I have been back in London a month today and must admit the lack of sunshine here is taking its toll on my tropical self. This colour therapy for today’s mood via these vibrant abstract artworks, rich in colour, rhythm and restraint have rid me of my homesick and are available for purchase through the Tim Olsen GalleryInspired by the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef and central Australia are sources of inspiration, Stephen works with solid colour and bold organic shapes to create evocative paintings in large format that will take the front row in any room. Now, if you’re wanting one for your walls at home like I want, prices start at around $8000 and are being snapped up by collectors quicker than a cut snake. I knew this man to be a dab hand when it came to colour and design due to my fascination with all things Dinosaur Designs since their inception in l985, now I find he is an exceptional artist too. Who knew? Is there anything this Dinosaur can  not do? Colour your world with art.


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    • I hear you darling, loving those lazy 8k’s… Great colour combinations too. Divine inspiration. Hope you and your crew are cool. xx

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