Farewell my belle Portobello.

Hi, it’s been a while..but I’m back with news from my blogging hiatus. After many great years at Portobello market and almost 20 years in different guises within the fashion industry, I have decided to hang up my fashion hat and fully focus on interiors and lifestyle product. I have had an amazing couple of years of trade, repeatedly dealing with some of the biggest names in fashion and plenty fierce fashionistas from all over. Many highs were had seeing a BlackDot World Archive garment interpreted into a killer look on the runway and then a best seller in-store , same highs were had when a BDWA piece was super styled on the street. The hunt and gather of  this greatness has enabled some sweet vintage beauty to come across my hands including and not limited to 80’s Sprouse + Guy Laroche, 70’s Givenchy + Yves Saint Laurent and 60’s Balenciaga + Lanvin amongst a vivid and world print mix and sharp shouldered shapes from the Victorian times forward – much of which I know I will never see the likes of again. I have bid farewell to most of my vast Dutch wax garment collection and also all of the Diana Freis but kept the 100 year old Afghani kaftan for myself, plus the Jean Varon and plenty of print and afro-pop to keep me pimped for years to come.    

There is an imminent name change – BlackDot World Archive will become BlackDot Co-op (in fact the original name I first imagined) still with the same focus on truly inspiring and unique product from all over our wonderful world – but now for your home not your bod.

What this means for you London peeps, is a HUGE sale of the final pieces remaining in BlackDot World Archive. I will be trading at Portobello on a Friday as per usual and on Sundays too, until I jump on a plane to Australia on the 2lst December. Get in on “designer, dancehall and derelicte” amongst much vintage beauty to stand out in the crowd in. To recap your memory on BlackDot World Archive style – favourite photos from my trusty Portobello stall follow.

I have quite alot to say it seems and must admit I feel rather emotional in my goodbyes to BlackDot World Archive – the whole experience has brought me much joy, satisfaction, immense inspiration and many amazing friendships. Thankyou for your support & RIP BlackDot World Archive. x 


  • Congratulations to you Teenie! Wish you were here not over there giving those Londoners all yr loving goodness. Did I see Australia??

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