A bunch of brightly hued BDWA BESPOKE cushions bound for the banquette at fabulous new East london eatery Lardo, inspired a quick shoot and snap at the studio to capture their wonder colours and combinations of same before they reached their new home. Eliza, old friend and owner/manager at Lardo and I decided to trade our shared goods and services in lieu of cold hard cash. Actually, I have been trading quite a lot of late and have accrued a balcony full of plants, a royal dowry of vintage bed linens, a years supply of honey, a full body MOT with an osteopath, a full body massage and now delicious feastings at Lardo. 10 BDWA BESPOKE cushions = how many scallop carpaccio exactly? Trade, I like it.

P.S. Just back from a wonderful late night dinner at Lardo and fully recommend the carpaccio as previously mentioned, the buratta, the courgette flower pizza, the clam pizza and the peach sorbet to finish. Get yourself there.


  • Bettina! A waiter in Lardo gave me your card after I admired your stunning cushions on Friday and I emailed you to find out more but it has been rejected and returned! Can you let me now how I can get in touch?

    Thanks, Alice

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