going green.

in my search for the perfect new ride (some bastard stole my dutch baby) i discovered great bike store the bicycle man on old street in clerkenwell – home of the real dutch bikes. it was the copper beauty or “koper” bike deigned by bart van heesch that winked at me from inside the store. so dismayed by the rusty bikes littering the streets of amsterdam, that bart decided to do something about it….the glossy copper body and parts of “koper” wont rust but will gain a green patina known as verdigris as it ages. coming in at close to £4000, it’s nice to dream but jesus isn’t she perty? for those of us less likely to fork out that much for our wheels but still wanting some copper glory, van heesch has designed an oversized copper bell, and at £49 i’ll be ringing it. born to ride.

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