colour lovers christmas – day 5.

for those of you out there that are lovers of colour and skulls, all your christmas wishes will have come true in the form of our exquisite corpse. artist catherine martin’s considered collaboration with the huichol tribe in mexico makes macabre magnificent and a great gift to give in a celebration of life and death. the one-of-a-kind skulls are actually made from resin, covered in beeswax and then each bead is carefully placed in a plethora of patterns to please the eye.  choose from religious and symbolic beading in primary colours, each skull tells its own story or catherine’s own designs in strong geometric patterns utilising bold glass bead colours sourced from the czech republic. with a new delivery of skulls just delivered to super store ln-cc yesterday, you had best get yourself to their website asap as they will be gone in a flash. otherwise buy online at our exquisite corpse, make sure you check out the beautiful beaded bull’s heads too, these are real rancho deluxe. colour your world.


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