have magazines, can travel.

i have an addiction, magazines make me weak at the knees. a learnt addiction passed down from my magazine-freak mum and the towers of the good stuff that sprung up consistently at home. australians are very good at magazines as their lightweight insight provides perfect glamour reading material for tanning rituals on the beach and alfresco afternoons in gardens or good quality cafes nationwide. if food and interiors feasting is up your magazine street then take a good look at gourmet traveller, VOGUE living and VOGUE entertaining – all aussie mags rating top of the international magazine pops in my book and where my obsession began. my life in transit across oceans and cities means that many a magazine has been left behind, bundles of the buggers are a bitch up and down stairs as you may well know and are often left till last on the packing list and then often left behind. many a super style idea and inspiration aplenty by some of the world’ s best gone forever until now. the genius idea of the magazine stool by njustudio with its leather belt straps that allows your collection to grow with your addiction means that your magazines as furniture will look great in situ and can travel too.

de jeunes gens modernes utilement superflu 01Njustudio Hockenheimer Sitzhocker

all images by designboom with thanks.

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