it’s all about the apron.

my mannequin’s (she has been christened betty btw) ensemble at portabello today was inspired by the wonderful 1940’s quilt i discovered recently, see background – it’s constructed of men’s suiting in array of tweed and pin-stripes and aching for a bachelor pad.  betty as pictured is wearing some seriously dilapidated and patched 1970’s wranglers – they are cool as fuck and a great fit on the bod, a 1940’s french silk apron – (i have had an apron fetish for quite some time now and the forties french ones are the best and a great layering piece – if you’re into that kinda thang, a 1950’s slate grey lab and wrap coat  – i have kept the same version but in army green as the shape is great and reminds me a little of early helmut lang, topped off with a suitably large african hand-carved horn necklace. aprons – kitchen, garden, street.


bachelor pad quilt £350. 1970’s wranglers £65. 1940’s french silk apron £45. slate grey lab coat £40. african horn neckpiece. £60.

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