sort of coal sorts it out.

one of my favourite discoveries from london design week was  a group of products under the brand of “sort of coal“. its a product that stood out for many reasons – it’s beautiful, effective, natural, purifying and functional – also recyclable and CO2 friendly. name me one other product off the top of your head that can boast all these qualities….difficult huh? the “sort of coal” range of products  have been designed to purify water, the air and your body and designed by a two danish women – pernille lembcke and louise vilsgaard. their desire is to bring a new understanding of the power and beauty of asian charcoal, and in doing so “to reinvent the western perception of purity where it does not attack our senses as with perfume and chemicals, but rather, awakens them.

the “sort of coal” ladies themselves – pernille lembcke and louise vilsgaard.

Purifying Natural CosmeticsPurifying Natural CosmeticsPurifying Natural Cosmetics

now it looks black and is black, but is called white charcoal because of its purifying ability and white shine. the raw material used, both oak and bamboo is activated by heating in oxygen depleted kilns over a seven-day period, the uniformly black pieces of coal retain the natural beauty of their original forms, but unlike other charcoal, white charcoal leaves no residue or dust and devours odours, pollution and moisture naturally.

Purifying Natural CosmeticsPurifying Natural CosmeticsPurifying Natural Cosmetics

i have with me at home the kishu binchotan that purifies your tap water by absorbing the chlorine by up to 75%! – just boil to sterilise and drop it in your water jug. it is said to soften the water and improve its taste – which indeed it does. the kishu binchotan also adds minerals to your water including potassium and manganese whilst looking bloody marvelous in the fridge. now i have my eye on the black charcoal toothpaste which i am dying to try – you can purchase it here for a mere £6. sorted by sort of coal.

did you know – carbon is the basic element of life. all life is depending upon the carbon cycle of the planet. that is the reason why white charcoal, that contains more than 90% pure carbon, is an essential element of our existence. fact.

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