you should coco.

during my 5 weeks past of a rather extreme detox i discovered the beauty that is coconut water, specifically coco by dr antonio martins.this detox tipple of mine has been tapped from young, green and organic coconuts according to a special process that ensures the luscious liquid never comes into contact with light or air – so you get to drink it as nature intended. i heard the palms sway in the breeze as i drank it from the carton….. coco water is isotonic which means it contains a natural balance of electrolyte salts to hydrate your body effectively and also kinetin which keeps you young and vital. a carton contains more potassium than two bananas, contains no preservatives and is completely organic not to mention bloody delicious. for a little bit of cocoloco in your life add a slug of vodka and lots of ice. nice.

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