super deluxe luggage is goyard since 1853. goyard’s good looks, skilled artisanal craft and hand-painted history plus a penchant for collaborations with forward thinking companies since forever make goyard good to go today. subtle and seemingly adored by fashion folk and the old-school alike, the store at 233 rue saint honore was teaming with well-dressed kids who wanted theirs in white. tres chi-chic. personally, i was overwhelmed by the goyard in gold – high vibration hand-luggage. the store itself is dressed well, a mix of goyard’s high heritage, strict set-ups and lashings of intense colour to offset the perfect product at hand. the parisian store showcased vintage species alongside the new collections, giving true indication of the quality and craft involved in your trunk, over-nighter or carry-on if you were to shop here.

goyard is available in-store only to enable and further their “long-standing commitment to….individual clients…best offered by direct, meaningful contact with them.” these personal and ever-present standards were very apparent in paris. in-store is beverly hills, boston, kyoto, london, new york, osaka, paris, san francisco, san paolo, seoul and tokyo. it is here that you can select from the array of classic designs developed by the atelier or order specific made to measure items. ohlala. what really caught my eye was the graphic stimulation and pop art impressions of the fonts available for personalizing your luggage. you’re good to go anywhere with goyard.

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