home is where the art is.

cathy martin. limehaus 4 years. london.

limehaus is an utter delight, eccentric and rich, an adventurer’s mix. cath has been living in the space for 4 years and it shows, the space is well-loved and lived in, relaxed and hospitable too. cath’s penchant for body parts as art  is evident throughout the space – bone casts and teeth bustle amongst beaded heads, butt plugs and bronze ears. the bathroom is a highlight and a personal favourite of mine –  it’s a room that so often gets forgotten don’t you think? teeth and communist porcelain high-kick here alongside mexican tinware, anatomical print and  smart market + gallery collected art. a green-finger is evident in the abundance of shiny plants that soften the industrial nature and give a touch of the tropical too. highlights of hot-pink surprise. furniture on wheels give great mobility and easily accommodate the forever change and cath’s current merchandising fever! travels to far-away places are evident in conglomerates  of curated knicknackery  – altars of both elegance and humour. the factory windows which are home to many give great london light and allow this wonderful space to shine. style and smile haven on all fronts.

cath answers BDC’s quick questions…

top 5 things to do/ places to visit in london?

 Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning but not up the main drag as the crowds do my head in, ‘Pizza East’ on the bar in the afternoon when no-one is there with cauliflower carbonara and a brutally chilled vino,  ‘Barrafina’ at any time because the queue is worth it, ‘The Wolseley’ for a visual hit and eavesdropping delight, walking across Tower Bridge in summer, but wanting all the tourists to evaporate.

 was there anyone that inspired you from the beginning? who inspires you on the art/ design front now?

Laurie Anderson has always been a great inspiration, her spoken word is welcome into my home at any hour. ‘Stories of the Nerve Bible’ is a great one for re-arranging knick knacks.

 tell a little about your background – study/travel/work adventures. how is it that you became so interested in art, antiques and collectables?

I have a background in visual art, came to London to study a post-grad at Chelsea college of art and design, since completion have found myself to be lacking interest in the gallery scene.  At this time in my life I’d much prefer to travel and trawl through antique markets. My mum is the same. She travelled constantly and was always lugging objects back with her. 

 what are you currently collecting?

 It’s suddenly spring, so am working on building an orchid explosion.

what was your last purchase for yourself?

–          I just ordered a 46cm plastic ear on e bay from an anatomical goods company in Germany. My friend Marco got one last week and he’s going to use it as an olive bowl. I liked the idea so much I had to have one too.

current favourite colour or colour combination?

–          Blood red and gloss black.

do you have a beauty routine? what is it?

–          I am quite fond of covering myself in oils. At the moment I am into Neals Yard, because it is yummy, natural, and the bottles are blue.

favourite thing to cook?

–          I have nailed the perfect roast chicken thanks to my chef friend Rachie, who recommends cooking initially on a super high heat for 20 minutes to get up the colour and crisp, then dropping the temperature down to around 100 degrees for an hour.

–          Winner winner chicken dinner.

who are you listening to at the moment?

–          Ennio Morricone, Harold Budd, Pierre Bastien, and Stars of the Lid are on high rotation.

whats most important to you?

–          Making time to speak to my bro and my Mumma in Australia as often as I can.

–          My buddies, and my lover.

–          I’m also developing a bathroom fixation, cleaning it on average twice a day which is a little disturbing and currently very important.


favourite destination and why?

–          Mexico – The food, the colour, that hysterical trumpet,  avocados, cowboys in white hats, mariachi trousers, and the old armless wooden saints in blue underpants.

cath can be found selling her curious and handsome curated collectables from far-away places and beaded collaborations with the mexican indians at spitalfields market on  thursday – new dates to be confirmed. 

cath’s “our exquisite corpse” collaboration with marco chiandetti here.

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