campana brothers = love.

i’m just home from the campana brothers talk at the design museum – touched by their obvious love for creating but also their fierce force for sustainability in design. these two are the men that are making everyday materials noble by elevating them into something beautiful, emotional, political, useful, practical. nothing is everything and it says so much.


it was so great to hear them talk about their work + processes, the particular language they use, which is incredibly optimistic – just like their furniture really… humberto, the older more serious brother who loves working with his hands suggests that the irony of these colourful, playful yet pragmatic designs is that they come from many nights of  hard work and often pain, and that this work is his therapy, his inspiration for more. “things give birth to other things”.

the campana brothers do not use computers in their design process and stressed the importance and real relevance of using their hands. touched by the hand, it makes sense when you’re talking about sustainable design or design as an organic process. both brothers talked specifically about slow design and having a relationship with their materials ( this is not the dry humping of objects you might imagine) and that it may be with maturity, ie at a later time, that something more, smarter, more beautiful comes from an extended communication with a particular material. renewal recycle = new possibilities.

it is also their working relationship with the italian company edra that has me fascinated. their communication process is based on a mutual communication of “souvenirs and samples” as inspiration and dialogue to instigate the design process. only since my knowledge of this partnership have i seeked out edra,  as i believe they must be a smart, sensitive + sustainable company/ manufacturer to manage a working relationship with humberto + fernando.

 i visited the milan design fair last year and was blown away by the campana brothers for edra showing. the photos below show new work for edra from the milan design fair 2010. what is particularly interesting, is that a lot of the ideas here are new possibilities with older ideas and materials first utilised in the 2009 collection.  things give birth to other things as they say! the raffia shelving is a personal favourite. jesus christ that’s some good storage facility.


perhaps this real love of the process and the materials is what gives the campana brothers product such great emotion? all i know is that i heart the campana brothers much.

in reference to slow design, slow life, slow sex  –  a wonderful and truly inspiring  book to read on the slow movement is in praise of slow. how a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed by carl honore.

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