dilapidated beauty is boro.

i have absolutely fallen in love with these antique folk textiles from japan called boro, which literally means rag in japanese.  the painstaking glory of all those stitches, the random collective of colours and the combinations that have evolved over time put our modern efforts of make do and mend to shame. these here are truly special. couture eat your heart out.

i just have to say shabby chic and it actually feels ok.

for some time within japan boro was regarded with shame because these utilitarian textiles show strong evidence of rural Japan’s impoverished past. nonetheless, boro has begun to attract considerable interest outside Japan with collectors coveting the dilapidated rag and designers putting boro to good use as inspiration for garments, accessories and soft furnishings.

the boro movement was a period in japanese history about 100-150 years ago when peasants constructed quilts, futon covers, and work clothes made from recycled Japanese kimonos and yucatas. not conceiving of the present-day value and interest towards recyclability or renewability, but instead the practical needs of people too poor to afford new clothing, these garments defined fashion for the lower classes for many years as they sought comfort, warmth, and protection from the elements. farmhouse chic at its best.

most wanted are the boro kimono. love.

these boro kimonos would be wonderful worn with the new shoe collaboration between opening ceremony and robert clergerie……

for where to purchase my easter/ birthday/whatever pressie click here

all photos of boro included in this blog from kimonoboy.com

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