club donny – get involved.


Ksenia Galiaeva, Utsje Pskov, Russia

now while i’m on the subject of foliage and all things green i thought i should make mention of one of the best magazines/ journals i have picked up of late, that is club donny. an unedited bi-annual journal on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment, presented by frank bruggeman, ernst van der hoeven, ben laloua and didier pascal.

as the word ” club” suggests, you too can be a partner in this initiative. club donny embraces the mutual inspiration of nature and the city by inviting followers/ contributors to give meaning in a personal way, through their own photographs, to the experience of nature in an urban environment. therefore encouraging a new awareness about ways of thinking about nature in the city. wonderful.

within club donny you’ll find great said photographs of how people and the community at large are getting back to nature within their urban environments, also – gardening tips, links to apple pickings, where to buy the best cactus, global garden events and great gardens to visit, smart green articles, how to make elderflower lemonade and loads more getting green activities and happenings. get involved.

orders for club donny can be made online through the website because it’s better in your hot little hands….. i see these journals as keepsakes and collectables. or as a bonus all 4 issues can be read online, but not in their entirety.

Reinder Bakker + Hester van Dijk, Japan

Ben Laloua, Napoli

Rob Hamelijnck + Nienke Terpsma, Rotterdam, Roofgarden

Reinder Bakker + Hester van Dijk

Reinder Bakker + Hester van Dijk, Japan

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